Biddleford Pool sunset

Yep, I was back in Maine prowling around one of my favorite places- the little harbors of the coast. Why? I could tell you that since I am working on my next book, a photo book of the Maine Coast,  going to the coast to take pictures seemed like a good idea. And while that is true the last place I need to go to photograph is a harbor because the really last thing I need is more pictures of yet another harbor. So, not letting reason get in the way of passion, off I went straight to the closest, nicest part of the coast I know- Cape Porpoise to Biddlefordpool.

And what did I find on the way? An old lobster shack covered in old lobster buoys with old lobstermen inside! Just exactly what I don’t need and what I can’t resist! I did eventually get back on track and have a pretty successful photo trip getting many pictures I need for the book (see my next post) but I lingered at the shack first. Nobody has ever said I was a reasonable person!

Lobster Shack

Lobster buoys behind Net