Ah, Venice!

I’m in Venice now. The train arrived last night, got to my hotel room at 9:30, in bed by 10pm.

Sunrise is at 7am so at 7:15 I was out wandering the streets of Venice. I didn’t go out earlier because the streets were too murky and since I didn’t have any twilight intentions and was concentrating on street photography 7:15 was perfect. Even more perfect was the fog that was clinging to the city. Empty streets, Venice!, fog, all the time in the world- life is good!!

All my photography was handheld- no room for a tripod on the very, very narrow streets of Venice so I cranked up my ISO to 1600, shot mostly wide open or close to it, always in aperture priority, used image stabilization, shot in short bursts and tried to brace myself on anything I could.

I shot 284 images and kept 22. Six were teaching shots, 6 were whacky fun shots (see my previous blog) and 6 out of the remaining 10 I really liked. The last 4 will probably get deleted to.

Please note my wildlife photo- “pigeon thinking great thoughts” on the Roman columns.

I’m going out tomorrow morning again but it looks like it won’t be foggy. Might be rainy though, that’s not bad. Care to join me? (I’ve added 3 more shots from the next day’s rainy walk)




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