_DSC0792Another Oregon Coast Workshop has come and gone and another 14 people introduced to my curse of bad sunsets. Oh, well- Brenda and I do the best we can and the weather Gods just don’t cooperate. This is not to say that the participants didn’t get some spectacular images. They did! Despite some heavy clouds and cold winds on several of the evening shooting sessions the participants got some very nice long exposure seascapes.

The rest of the workshop was our typical combination of classroom critiques and nonsense and wonderful subjects to photograph in and around Newport. We went a couple time to Newport’s working harbor to shoot details of the old boats and to shoot the boats under the cobalt twilight skies. Everyone was surprised how blue the sky became after sunset and what fun it was to play in working harbor. We also visited the parking lot where are the fishing ropes and nets are stored- what a cacophony of color and texture!

_DSC0703Perhaps the most fun and the most challenging was going to the famous Oregon Coast Aquarium. The beauty and variety of the subjects- moon jellyfish, octopus, sea otter, anemones and puffins- was balanced by the sometime awkwardness and fleeting moments that each animal showed. Yet despite all this each student got some great shots. I know this because during critiques I tried many a time to steal their shots and add them to my computer!

I have included a few shots that I took with my phone and little camera between the cracks. Next year I am determined to go early or stay after to finally take some images of my own. For now I’ll have to be satisfied with these few and the memories of all the images the class captured. Join us next year on the Oregon Coast and you too can frustrate me with your great images!