Black bear-Pacific Rim N.P.

I wanted to let everyone know that there are just a couple of spots left on my Pacific Rim National Park workshop in Tofino, Vancouver Island. It is a great workshop in perhaps the prettiest, most wild spot I have ever done a workshop. Some of the things we are going to see are magnificent tide pools, old-growth cedar trees 15′ across and black bears turning over shoreside rocks from less than 50′ away!

The other big attraction to this workshop is my co-leader, Brenda Berry. Brenda is the nice, energetic, enthusiastic, fun version of me and she takes great shots as well. She is particularly adept at finding the ordinary scene and taking the extraordinary photo- for instance abstracts in harbors. I can’t do it and I have followed her around and watched what she shot and still have gotten nothing. I included some of her shots from years  past for you to see what she likes to photograph.

Hull abstract

So for all of you that have learned to tolerate me, come to the Pacific Rim with us and hang out with Brenda. You’ll learn something, take some terrific photos and have a great time.

I’ll try to stay out of the way as best I can.

Go to my website and check under the workshop/schedule tab for more on the workshop and info to reserve your spot.

Hull Abstract 2