Photography for the Greater Good talk

Posted by on Jul 27, 2015 in Articles | 2 Comments

Earlier this summer I did a presentation in New York City at the Optic 15 photo conference sponsored by B&H Photo. The topic of my talk was Photography for the Greater Good- making a difference. I tried to illustrate ways that we all can use our photography to help image poor non-profit organizations further their good work. If this topic interests you or if you are wondering what you could do with all your images this talk will give you some good ideas.

The above link will take you to the Optic 15 home page for all the video presentation. Scroll down and you will find my talk. It is pretty much typical me- mildly entertaining, mostly informative and wildly inspiring. Please ignore the dumpy, disheveled guy doing the talking and just listen to the words. Next time I’ll wear a shirt that fits me!



  1. Karsten Qvist
    July 29, 2015

    Loved your talk David, very inspirational!

  2. Julia Washburn
    July 31, 2015

    Enjoyed this presentation David! Since Crossroads Vermont, I’ve been meaning to ask if you are familiar with David duChemin ( and, his brainchild. Your topic is so important and not addressed yet in any of the ebooks offered through his Craft & Vision site. I feel confident it would be a fit having followed his work for a few couple of years; perhaps he’d entertain an ebook pitch? I’m sure you’ve many plates spinning, but you keep inferring a publishing disillusionment; I’m not convinced you’re finished with it yet and vice versa. This could be a current, fresh way to spread your passion to just the audience you seek.

    BTW, I took your advice and offered my photography services to our city magazine editor. “Why don’t you go see what you can get at this weekend’s Helena BBQ Butt Cook-off ?” he said. Don’t you love it?? Humble beginnings, stellar launch…call it whatever, but it was a perfect get-your-feet-wet start to who-knows-what-will-be. I will keep on. Thanks for your inspiration! So grateful for my workshop experience. Greetings to Ruth and Lisa!