Making new year goals is a win-win proposition for me — I give myself huge credit for actually making goals and I give myself even more credit for doing next to nothing to achieve them. I’m not much of a goal-driven person. I said I like making goals, I didn’t say I like achieving goals. But I have to admit that making goals does give me a few things to think about for a month or two.

Number 1 Photography Goal for 2015 — Take more pictures, more often. It’s fun, remember?

Number 2 Photography Goal for 2015 — Go back and visit some old photo heart throbs. For me I’d like to photograph some Rocky Mt. wildflowers again and maybe some Oregon old-growth forests that I haven’t photographed in almost 30 years.

Number 3 Photography Goal for 2015 — learn a new technique. I think it will be — hold on to your socks! — Flash!!! More on this in a future blog.

Number 4 Photography Goal for 2015 — And finally, the last and the biggest- add more meaning to my picture taking. I really don’t know exactly how to do this, to add meaning to my photography but I am going to work on it and see what happens. I get adding meaning to my philanthropic photography but how do you do it taking pictures on the farm or in the forest or in a wildflower field? I guess we’ll see.

So there it is, four reasonably obtainable, easily ignorable, highly forgettable goals for 2015. I’ll let you know how I’m doing throughout the year. Assuming, of course, I can remember.