I am happy to conduct private workshops for all levels of photographers. These workshops can be exactly tailored to meet the student’s needs. We can spend the entire time out shooting or we can spend the entire time reviewing a book proposal or a portfolio. Students are also welcome in my office to snoop around and ask questions.

Southern Vermont, where I live, is a very photogenic place. There are things to take pictures of at all times of the year. The best times for workshops are from mid-April to mid-November.


Costs – 1, 2 or 3-day workshop in Vermont

1 person                                  $500 a day total

2 people                                  $500 per person per day

3 to 10 people                          $300 per person per day

more than 10 people                 price negotiable


Costs – 4-day workshop anywhere I know well (three full days, an evening and a half day)

1 to 7 people                            $500 per person

8 to 16 people                          $400 per person

(Plus my travel and lodging expenses. I will get a second instructor for more than 10 people.)