One of the things that I really like to do with my photography is to work on a project or two. This gives my photography some direction and purpose and keeps me from shooting the same things over and over again and then wonder what to do with all the images. You can pick any project but it is best, I think, to pick one you can do locally. If project is too intimidating a word think instead of picking an area of concentration for your photography.

Here are some photography ideas that you might find interesting and inspiring for 2016:

  1. Photograph the exact same scene at the same time every month or every two weeks. Same lens, same composition. This is an old idea but it can be very compelling and visually a very fascinating thing to do.
  2. Photograph the same place every week or so. Not necessarily the same composition but the same place to create a record of the changes throughout the year. The place can be your garden, the neighborhood park, the local preserve, the trail you walk or run, the barn you always drive by. Anything really.
  3. Pick a theme such as ‘Old and Forgotten’ or ‘Overlooked’ or ‘Underneath’ or ‘Reflections’ and photograph around that idea. Don’t restrict yourself to just the obvious and literal, let yourself go nuts and shoot whatever comes to your mind when you think about your chosen theme.
  4. Pick a concrete rule and stick with it- ‘From Above’ or ‘Dog’s Eye View’ or ‘What the Baby Sees’ or ‘Up in a Tree’
  5. Force yourself not to photograph anyplace you photographed last year. This is much harder to do than it looks because it forces you to get out of your well traveled ruts but it can be very rewarding.
  6. Force yourself to photograph the things you have always hated to photograph. Not all those things but pick a few. If you are a nature nut try photographing some people. If you only do controlled portraits try doing some on the run. If you only do travel, try some nature or if you only shoot outside try shooting some inside.

Remember, you have nothing to lose when trying something new and lots to gain. It’s a new year, go ahead play a little and be different. It’ll be good for you!