I have decided to end my long professional relationship with the Rocky Mt. School of Photography. I will keep the details as to why confidential but I will say that I could not longer tolerate their rigid, narrow policies limiting my ability to earn money and grow my career. 

I am still going to teach my very popular Going Pro class that I started teaching with RMSP in 1996. It remains to my knowledge they only class of its kind being offered- a detailed and personalized road map to earning money as a photographer. And I am thrilled that my co-teacher, Scott Rouse, is going to join me once again. Together we make a terrific team and make this class a very worthwhile undertaking.

For details on my Going Pro class please go to either my website or go to the website of Photographers Alliance Workshops – paworkshops.net. If you have any questions please, please contact me and I will be glad to answer them for you. 

I am sorry if this decision has caused any problems for any potential participants. But the class will still be taught, the same material will be presented and Scott will be there to co-teach. I can say that the plans are for the class to be taught in Kalispell, MT in late August but the class will now be 7 days long instead of 10 and it will be about $800 less expensive. And we will still go to Triple day for a morning of photography.

Stay tuned for more details about this class.