From time to time I am going to tell you about other professional photographers who are also doing photography workshops that I think are worthy of both your attention and attendance. The first pro I want to endorse is Rod Barbee who lives out in western Washington  and was one of my students so long ago that I actually have no recollection of it. This either means that I am getting so old that my memory is fading or…never mind I can’t remember.

Here is everything you need to know about Rod- he is a nicer, more talented, huggable and much younger version of me. I know its hard to believe, but there is someone even nicer than I am doing workshops.  He obviously learned nothing from me about how to do workshops! I can only hope that when he gets older he will also get crustier.

Here is a recent picture of Rod at home in the kitchen-







The one thing I know about Rod’s workshops is that you will never get more attention form a teacher than on Rod’s workshops. If you haven’t gone to Palouse or to the Olympic Peninsula, go with Rod- he is the best. No one knows those two areas better than Rod does- your photography will get better and you will get great images. Trust me on this- go with Rod!!

Here is Rod’s workshop schedule this year:

Columbia River Gorge: May 14-18, Grand Teton National Park: June 17-21, the Palouse: June 23-27

the Palouse w/ Lightroom (Great Idea!!!): June 27-30, Colorado’s San Juan Mts.: July 8-12

Olympic National Park: July 22-27, and the BIG one- Northwest Territories: September 20-26

Here is Rod’s workshop page on his website:

Browse around his website, you’ll enjoy it and you’ll be impressed by the photos. And who knows, maybe I’ll surprise him and show up unannounced at one of his workshops. It would be the nice thing to do!