Hello Everyone!

It is my third day of a week long workshop I am teaching on thinking and shooting like a professional photographer. The class is full-10 people- and all are exciting and very enthusiastic. It is a long day for these poor souls (they have to listen to me blab and blab and blab)- we start at 8:30 and go to 5 everyday, most of the time sitting in a classroom. This is what we were talking about today- evaluating and trying out a potential area of focus for a project. Later today I am letting them out of jail and we are going up to the old farm I did my book on so they can get some sun and take pictures. Tomorrow we go around and begin to develop the student’s ideas they have for their projects. I’ll keep you posted.


Project Development

1. Choose Project
2. Evaluate Project
Are there well-defined parameters?
Geographic, goals, time, vision
b. Are there similar projects?
None? Many? How current? What quality?
c. Are there good information sources?
Written, oral, pictorial, local, web, Local experts, organizations
d. What is the marketing potential?
In-place marketing:
magazines, newsletters, websites, tourism companies, Supporting organizations:
sponsorship, mailing list, support, presentations
e. Image acquisition?
Seasonality, commonness, effort, permissions,
subjects, colors, sizes, kingdoms
f. Income Possibilities?
Potential for: presentations, articles, calendars, magazines, book, tours, work shops
Need 10/20 images to start
Need 100/200 images to grow
Need 1000/2000 to sustain
3. Envision Outcome(s)
4. Come up with working title
5. Start collecting information & contacts
6. Start courting organizations
7. Start collecting images
Review and evaluate regularly