mom and foal

My class on professional photography- Shooting Like a Pro- is officially being offered for June 19-25 this year. I have been delayed in making it official because I thought that I was going to do through the Santa Fe Workshops but that is no longer the case. The benefit is that I can offer it for less money-$1200, and further limit the maximum number of people (10) in the class- both good things for you the student!The workshop is my favorite class that I teach because there is a lot of student participation and involvement and it is great, supportive creative environment where each student gets lots of help developing their own path to follow. Plus it is taught right from my home and we will go to my favorite places (including the Bromley farm!) to photograph each afternoon.

little meadow road

If you are stuck taking the same old pictures and you want a new approach and way to look at yourphotography- if you want to feel excited and energized again about photographing- if you want to figure out how to photograph close to home and still get great shots and you want to be able to effectively share your images this is the workshop for you. There is a full description on my website if you want more info or you can just email me- with your questions.

Come join us in Vermont and give a charge to your photography!