_DSC6340It is that time of the year when Winter is mostly gone but Spring hasn’t quite sprung yet. What’s a photographer to do?

I find that most nature and outdoor photographer, actually most all photographers wait for the perfect day, perfect situation before they start to take pictures. That of course makes sense but it sure is limiting and makes for a lot of down time between those few and far between perfect days and times.

What about photographing the times between the best times? Photographing the transitions? Your subjects won’t be as obvious but you will get images that now one else has and you’ll discover that every time of the year is worthy of photography.

You’ll have to look a bit harder but there are lots of things out there to photograph- swelling buds, sprouting shoots, greening pastures, people prepping equipment. All it takes is an open, curious mind. Think of it as photographing preparations for a big show or the behind the scenes action of a major theater production.

As soon as you start looking you will be amazed at how much you’ll find.