Greetings Everyone!

February here in Vermont and it is as wintery as I have ever seen it. Since the middle of December there has been a steady parade of big winter storms and they have all been snow, snow and snow. No January thaw this year and it doesn’t look like the pattern is going to change soon. We couldn’t be happier! Anyone who lives in northern New England over the winter months likes snow and winter and cold. If they didn’t they have moved south long ago.

So here are a few of my favorite winter storm pictures. The secret to getting storm photos? Go out in the middle of the storm! Protect your camera when you can but otherwise get it out there and start snapping away. Your camera is as weather tolerant as you are- when you are miserable your camera is too. I do keep a dry towel or two in my camera to wipe off the moisture that accumulates but that is about the only concession I make to the weather. So get in the wind and cold and snow/rain and see what you can get!