Lucie Light hanging above cooking fire.

Luci Light- inflated and packaged

Luci Light- inflated and packaged

This is a Luci Light. It is an inflatable, plastic, solar powered light, manufactured by Mpowerd, that has all the power necessary to change a person’s life.

A Luci light costs about $15 and lasts about 2 years (new Luci Lights will last up to 10 years). It is usually sold to be used by backpackers and campers in places where no electricity is available. It weighs next to nothing and comes deflated and collapsed in a small package about 5″ square and 1″ thick. In other words, for very little trouble you can get 4 or 6 or 10 Luci Lights and hardly notice them. But here’s the wonder, there’s more to a Luci Light than two solar panels, a ten LCD lights and a bit of plastic.  There’s magic in a Luci Light, real magic and lots of it. I have seen it myself every time I have given one to someone. It’s incredible.

Every Luci Light is bundled with an astonishing range of life-bettering effects. Real effects that you can see. But you can’t see them until you give a Luci Light away. That’s when the magic comes out. If you keep a Luci Light for yourself it will be very handy but you won’t find any magic. The magic is only revealed when you pass the light on to someone, someone in need of light. Then, viola!


Solar panels on top

This is the magic I have seen created by a Luci Light- I have seen young girls studying and doing homework under a Luci Light in a house, in a village without electricity. Two years of light doesn’t seem like much but it means that instead of falling behind while trying to read and study by the dim, dirty flame from a tiny paraffin lamp, dropping out of school and getting a job at 11 or 12 years old a young girl can stay in school. Helping a girl stay in school means perhaps finishing middle school and getting into secondary school (high school). It means she will get a better job and will earn more in that job. With a better job she will have a say in her own reproductive rights and will have fewer children to bring up and support. Fewer children means less chance for some children failing and then less chance for human trafficking- fewer children sold into forced labor, forced marriages and sexual slavery. Are you beginning to see the magic now?

I have seen a grandmother trying to look after 5 young children in the dark of her daughter’s hut smile, clap her hands and relax just a bit when I strung a Luci Light above her so she could see enough to cook and care for her grandchildren. Imagine that, a Luci Light and a piece of string easing the life of a grandmother a world away. Magic, pure magic. By the way, smiles are part of every Luci Light.

I have also seen a young mother feed and care for her baby in the glow of a Luci Light. I have seen her cook for her family, bathe her baby, cuddle her baby and just simply look at her baby by the grace of a Luci Light. Can you imagine taking care of an infant or any child in virtual darkness for 12 hours a day? It’s an impossible task to do properly. Luci Lights make the impossible possible. And I have been told of births that have been successful  because the mid-wife could actually see what she was doing and see what was happening. Imagine that- a healthy baby due in large part to the illumination of a Luci Light. Powerful stuff here.

That’s not the only illuminating a Luci Light does. It also illuminates your spirit, casting a powerful, benevolent glow on your generous, loving  heart. This is when the most powerful magic happens. For every time you give a Luci Light away to  a  person in need your generosity comes racing right back to you, penetrating your spirit and enriching every part of your being. Happens every time. And it’s addictive.

Glory be, addictive magic that will better a person life, substantially and wonderfully a world away. Not bad for $15 and a little effort, huh?


Grandmother with 5 grandchildren holding a Luci Light.