As with anything, time and patience lead to good things. The catch is that we often don’t take the time nor have the patience to find out. We are all fast moving cream-skimmers whether we are on vacation or at work or at home. We do what we need to do at the moment or what we think we need to do for the next moment but we don’t sit back and wait for the moment unannounced. _dsc3495

To anyone who is not actually fishing for lobsters, lobstering is all heading out, hauling and hard work. We think of all the physical labor, the sore backs and bruised arms, the crud and crust. But there are moments, other moments, when instead of the constant push and pull there is, well, nothing…ok, not nothing but certainly not much. And in this not much you will find the true beauty and grace and power of whatever you are watching. The essence is in the intimacy. The intimacy is in the quiet moments._dsc3581

There are always other places to go, things to rush off and do, someone to text, talk, or tweet. Don’t. Don’t rush off and stop all that communicating! The next time you are on the coast, turn your car off, put your hands in your pockets, find a place to sit and take the time to be patient. You’ll be surprised what you see._dsc3640