_DSC1064Okay, let’s get right down to the nitty gritty- Sitka, Alaska is a magnificent place to go with some of the best photography in one small area that I know. Two working harbors with piles of colorful gear and rusty old boats with crusty old crew, stands of beautiful hand-carved totem poles set in a misty spruce forest, clear running salmon streams draped by mossy branches and edged by drooping ferns and mossy logs, snow-capped mountains and twisty fjords with whales off shore and bears on the beach. All of this is within a bicycle ride!

Yes I know that Sitka is hard to get to and that it is inconvenient to try to figure out the logistics- that is the point!!!!! If it were easy to get to, if hordes of people and photographers went there regularly it wouldn’t be so darn special!!! How many photos of Sitka have you seen lately? Exactly, none! So why would you spend your precious time and money to go to the same old spots when you could go to a completely new and barely explored spot and get shots that no one else has? Beats me!

Plus, you have the huge added benefit of doing something _DSC1521positive with your photographs. No putting them up on your wall or giving them to a family member does not count as doing something good. Nor does showing them with your friends or displaying them at the camera club or senior center. Doing something good means having your images actually make an impact, create a shift in thinking, visually support a good cause. Do something good means doing something positive for the greater good. When was the last time you did that with your photographs?

So let’s review- a small workshop with two instructors in a magnificent place that hasn’t been photographed where you will learn new techniques and help people who are helping the environment. The Crossroads class in Santa Fe were really excited to be helping others with their photography and they had cattails and scrub pines to shoot! Come on  and join us- it will be great.

For more information check out the Crossroads website. I really hope to see you there!