Mark your calendars now for May 8-13, 2012 and check the airline websites- its time to start think about joining Brenda Berry and me in Tofino, British Columbia for a spectacular photographic workshop on the wild coast of Pacific Canada. The price of the workshop is $1075. The alternative is to not come with us and then spend that week fretting and cranky wondering why you decided to do your laundry and have your car detailed instead of getting some of the best pictures of your lifetime. Laundry or black bears? Lint or wonderful tidepools? Hairy candy bars or huge old-growth cedars? Cute surfer chicks and dudes on sunset water or grunge hair bags in jeans belted at their knees? Are you really struggling with this? Really?

Just in case you don’t believe how good this workshop is remember that it is a day longer than my usual workshops, we go out on at least one black  bear photography trip in our own boat along the shore, it is based in a UNESCO Biosphere reserve, we visit Meares Island and its cathedral grove of ancient, gigantic cedars and it is really fun!

Still don’t believe me? Here is a short video I took on the bear boat trip. I used a 16mm lens so the bear appears to be much smaller and further away than it really was.

Tofino bear from boat from David Middleton on Vimeo.

And as further enticement here are some images taken during this workshop. I hope you enjoy them. I also hope that you contact me and sign up for this trip!

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