IMG_3711One more time I ventured out into the cold to try to improve upon my last image with the contrasty light. I was really going out just for a scouting trip but once I got there I pulled out my phone and took some pics just for fun. I went back when it was -18 out with a -32 windchill but it turns out that my mind was as dysfunctional as my camera at that temperature.

It just goes to prove what I have always said: your camera will operate as long as you can operate. If it is too cold or windy or hot or wet out for you to be comfortable then it is for your camera as well.

I didn’t have much trouble deciding to head back to the house. Not only were my fingers a wee bit chilled but my iPhone just plain quit working.

I did go back the next day but the ice on the stream had grown so much that these icicles were completely covered by a thick sheet of ice as was most of the stream. Better, Bob?