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  1. Bob Wildman
    February 16, 2016

    Much better, David.

    -18 plus the wind chill. You are one hardy soul. Life with dairy cows at that temp might be a good essay and photo project. Instead of milking does Roger do ice creaming?

    I did something away from the Crossroads script and learned from it. I am working on photos for the child development center. After trashing more than half, I put them on my laptop and took it to meet with director. I showed how to rank them in Lightroom and talked about her decisions as she picked what she liked. I got an even clearer idea of what she likes for the next time I shoot for them.

    Even if Brenda might disagree, you really are an OK guy.


    • David
      February 18, 2016

      that’s a good approach. At Crossroads we are finding out that if we give an organization 100 nice photos with 10 absolute killers there is very little chance that they will recognize the killers. Oh well. Your idea of getting their input is a great one.


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