I have been projectless for long enough now so I have decided to start three new ones to keep me occupied until the big one comes along.

The first one is called ‘Stuff’ and I will be photographing great piles and aggregations of, well, stuff. Not junk piles but things, lots of different things in particular that are currently or expect to be currently of use.

The second project I’m calling ’28’ and it will be a collection of images taken with my new little Nikon Coolpix A camera (not the one I took to Brazil) that only has a 28mm lens. I’m only taking it along on my next trip so you will see what I can get with a 28mm lens.

And the third project is a local project photographing a big property owned by a foundation that has four working farms of various kinds on it. I have been asked to supply images for their new website and for any other uses so I am back to photographing farms again. There are two dairy farms and two small vegetable farms so I will have lots to work with and it is right here in Danby so it couldn’t be closer.

I have made a place for each of these projects on my newly tweaked website- look under the projects tab and also at the bottom of the page.

Stay tuned- my first pictures will be up soon.