Vermont Update

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Black Brook

I have been getting a lot of questions about how Vermont is going to be this fall. People are contacting me asking what effect tropical storm Irene will have on the October photography season. My answer is: none, the storm will have no lasting effect what so ever. The odd thing about Irene was that in Vermont there was almost no wind so the forests, meadows, mountainsides, vistas are all in great shape and look as they should. Of all the quaint towns, beautiful streams and wonderful covered bridges in the state there are a very few that have been effected. By October I expect all the roads you might travel will all be long open as will every inn and restaurant.

As far as the color goes, who knows? It is much too early to predict what kind of fall color season we are going to have. I can say that it has been a great growing season here in New England so that means…I don’t know! Who does? The point is that the Irene won’t have any effect on your photography. That also means that if things don’t work out you can’t blame her, or it, or she, or that or…never mind. Don’t change your plans and don’t listen to the news anymore, just come to Vermont and have a great time!

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  1. rod barbee
    September 2, 2011

    Seriously, go to Vermont. I’ve been there in the fall quite a few times and even if you’re a tad early or a tad late for the peak of the prime fall color, you’ll still love the streams, the towns, the churches and farms and all that there.
    And if you’re smart, you’ll sign up for David’s workshop. It’s right in his back yard. Literally!
    Just hope one of those hurricanes or tropical storms doesn’t visit while you’re visiting. Been there. Done that.