Vermont Workshop Review

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Black Brook, Vermont

Black Brook, Vermont

Vermont had both a beautiful and difficult fall color season this year. On Saturday, October 4 the color was magnificent- great reds, golds and strong oranges were everywhere. This was the peak day this year in mid-Vermont, about 7-10 days earlier than the traditional peak color. For the 14 years I have been living in Vermont the peak color has varied from October 3rd to October 23rd. How a visitor can plan a trip here to capture peak color is beyond me. Its had enough capturing it living here!

On October 5th and 6th a strong weather front came through and most of the color was blown away. Scrambling around checking out my standard locations I found that most were now not very pretty. I ended up taking my students to only two of the 10 spots I usually go to. Instead, I brought the class to my 400 acres and the Bromley Farm’s 600 acres- the only places I found that had any decent color!

Thanks to my very understanding and flexible participants. We changed plans regularly to take best advantage of the changing weather and they kept up very well. I did my best to lose them a couple of times but they stuck to me like sweet on sugar.

Here are some of the images that I saw during the critiques. Hope you can join us next year!