Vermont Workshop Review

Posted by on Oct 12, 2014 in Articles | 3 Comments


I have just finished my Santa Fe Workshop’s Vermont Fall Color workshop. We had exceptional weather and the season was better than it has been in several years. I think we actually caught the peak of the fall color! The workshop visited a beautiful beaver pond with multiple lodges, several streams with nice colorful reflections, the old traditional farm I did my book on and on the last morning a lake with rising mist and bright reds and golds etched on perfectly still water. As an added treat we came up to my house and photographed three horses- running in the pasture against colorful trees and standing in the paddock for handsome portraits.

My thanks to my co-leaders Jeff Wendorff and Lisa Cueman and to a very nice group of participants who were eager to learn and try different things.


  1. Michelle
    October 13, 2014

    The photo you have at the top of your post is STUNNING!

  2. Walt Duvall
    October 25, 2014

    Question about two images DSC4578 and DSC_1546, they are tack sharp. How did you achieve the degree of sharpness? I enjoyed you slide show. I am eager to see what you will be offering in your 2015 workshop series.

    • David
      October 26, 2014

      Hi Walt,
      The horse portraits were taken by my students so I can’t say exactly what the settings were but I can tell you how to get that kind of sharpness- you have to have a very, very steady camera. This can be done two ways- 1. with a good tripod and good technique and 2. with a very fast shutter speed, probably a product of a high ISO (above 1000). The very fast shutter speed simulates a very still camera.

      I will be putting up my 2015 workshop schedule when I return from my trip to Uganda (mid-November). For the schedule of the new workshops I am doing that combine photography and philanthropy go to this website​. How’s the coast, Walt?