It is time for my now annual celebration of the fantastic photography of my friend and former student Walt Duvall. I use the world fantastic sparingly but in this case it rings true- remember the etymology of fantastic is fantasy as in unreal, as in wonderful, as in dream-like. this is fantastic photography!

Walt is a resident of the Oregon Coast and he is one of my rare workshop participants that I know it is best for when I  just get out of his way. Other than encouraging him and completely not understanding what or how he is creating these images these pics are all Walt.

I put them up here to not only celebrate his singular (dare I say whacky?) vision but also to encourage all others to play and try something different even if it seems at first to make no sense or breaks all the rules. There are no rules in photography, only suggestions. Most of the time the suggestions lead to conformity. Not here! Not for Walt! Fantastic!