So I have officially given up on winter this winter. There might be winter this spring or winter this fall but last winter was a lost winter with no winter to speak of so I have turned toward spring and but the winter of no winter away.

This hasn’t been a particularly difficult thing for me to do. This may be in part because as I write this I am in Florida where everyone is whining about how cold the 65 degree temperatures are or it might be because in 9 days I will be in Bhutan and lobsters and the Maine coast will be replaced in my small but perfectly formed brain by exotic landscapes, bright colors and photogenic monks. Or it might be because I just don’t want to think about the disappointment of the last few months. Did someone say winter?wood-traps

So I leave you for the time being with a picture from the Maine coast that can’t be taken anymore. It’s not that it is difficult to take, the problem is that it is difficult (impossible) to find. I took this photo almost 20 years ago when there were a few lobstermen still using wooden traps. Today there are none. The only wooden traps you see now are those used for decoration or those dumped into the ditch out back to rot and fade away. Enjoy!