It has been a long few years but I’m back now, cranking away, as creative and grumpy as I have always been. The book I started 4 years ago is now mostly finished- just a couple more chapters to go- 100,000 words! – a curious number since I only know about 300 words. I will say that once I learned about verbs the writing became much easier.

The book involves two interweaving stories- one on the wonders of bird migration and of me following a Blackburnian warbler from Ecuador to Vermont and the other of me overcoming the despair of covid, my mom’s death and cancer. It’s been a helluva 4 years.

Ii will be posting images from my travels, thoughts and book snippets here regularly now so either block me or look eagerly forward to my wisdom and nonsense. I don’t know how you could’ve lived without me for so long but know, it was harder for me to live without me.