What is Your One Word?

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What is Your One Word?

I have doing some thinking lately, mostly of the odd, obtuse kind and have come up with an interesting photography question- What one word best describes your photography? This is a more nuanced question then first appears. It requires you to actually think (you all know how I love to get photographers to think!) about the […]

Oregon Coast Workshop review

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Another Oregon Coast Workshop has come and gone and another 14 people introduced to my curse of bad sunsets. Oh, well- Brenda and I do the best we can and the weather Gods just don’t cooperate. This is not to say that the participants didn’t get some spectacular images. They did! Despite some heavy clouds […]

I Don’t Get It

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I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. Why would people pay to go on a workshop where the leader actively photographs? They are subsidizing the leader’s photography at THEIR expense!!