The Not So Obvious Composition

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Most of the time composition is a pretty simple thing- it is a matter one short question and a few more easy rules (firm suggestions). The question is “what specifically do I like about what  I am seeing” and the rules are 1. Answer the question with a phrase (no using the word ‘and’), keep […]

Creating Compositions

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Creating Compositions

I’m out in Colorado again for my last trip of this winter. It’s been gorgeous so I’ve been out stomping around the woods on my snowshoes for fun and exercise. This time of year when the snow is heavy and soft walking through the thick snow requires considerable effort so I didn’t bring my adult […]

Just Because You Should

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              In this world bursting with potential and possibilities there is a rule that we all must remember and repeat everyday. Here it is: Just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should do something. This applies to all aspects of life but especially to pursuits that have toys included. Photography is one […]