The last post was the official, company line- all nice and pretty and polite- and so unlike ME!

So here are the real, unedited, impolite reasons you should go to Santa Fe with Crossroads (with astonishingly inappropriate images added)-

00105_s_11agqaxsjg04171. ME! Come on, admit it, you miss me! When was the last time you heard my annoying voice asking you what the heck you were thinking when you took a picture? And when was the last time you laughed because someone (ME!) said something so idiotic and sophomoric that you could help yourself?

2. It’s winter, you haven’t touched your camera in three months and you are so mentally stale that you might as well be crumbled and fed to the birds. I will uncrumble you and get you ready for the Spring!

3. Why not?

4. No, really…why the heck not? Be nice to yourself. Treat yourself to a workshop!

5. What are you possibly going to do with more images? You have them hanging on every wall in your house, in the bathrooms and closets and on the insides of your kitchen cupboards. STOP! Everyone is begging you not to put up any more pictures. With Crossroads you take the images but then you donate them to our partner non-profit. Now isn’t that better?

6. Stop giving your images to your friends and family. They don’t want them anymore! They only put them up when you come over and then they take them down and stick them in the hall closet. You take great pictures but… Here’s an idea, give them to an organization that needs them!

_DSC72467. It’s cheap. Why? Because your friends and family will probably make a small donation for you to go to Santa Fe. Your family will because they want you out of the house and your friends will so they can go over to your house and raid your wine cellar and tools. Tell them you will give them some more pictures and they will up the donation considerably.

8. You’ve got nothing else going on that week in March. We’ll even let you wear your old robe and underwear to the classroom!

9. When you get back from this workshop you’ll be able to find a local non-profit and help them with your photography. Wouldn’t you rather do that than take another tedious picture of the same old things you have been photographing for years. I know I would and I’ve taken tons of tedious pictures.

Do you really need 10 reasons? 9 terrific reasons aren’t good enough? Okay, fine.

10. Because it will be good for you!!!!!!

Go to the Crossroads website​ and sign up now. Oh, and be sure to bring dark chocolate- it’s late winter, I’ll need lots of medication.