I wanted to let everyone know that there are only a couple places left on both my Pacific Rim National Park workshop ( on Vancouver Island, Canada and on my Shooting Like a Pro workshop that I hold in my home area of Manchester, Vermont.

The Pacific Rim National Park is the wildest, most wonderful workshop location that I know of in North America. The trees are the biggest, the tide pools the most magnificent, the beaches the widest and most empty, and the town (Tofino) the most fun and funkiest. This is one of the few workshops that I do that you won’t mind hearing me prattle on because there are so many wonderful places to go and explore and photograph. I promise, you will wonder how you never knew about this place when you are done with this workshop and you will be planning your next trip back.

Sunset-Tofino, Pacific Rim NP

Shooting Like a Pro is the answer to the question you have been asking yourself- “What am I going to do with all these pictures? Is there anything more to photography than a hundred pretty pictures?” We will tell you what you can do with all your pictures- ways to share your images, link your images into stories and also make money with your images- and also share with you the joys of finding a focus for your photography. It is the best workshop I teach because it is absolutely customized for each participant. You will be so energized after this workshop your photography will become exciting and fulfilling again.

Now, do you really have something better to do than treat yourself to one of these workshops? Really? Come on, sign up, you’ll love it!