_DSC0031aYeah! I’m back in Whackoland where all that is wrong is right and all that is right is just plain boring. I have had brief visits to Whackoland in the past but I have never bought a ticket and got a room and intended to stay!

Last night, things changed and I intentionally took the express to the land of the whacked out image! The cause was the disappearance of my internet service leaving me with an open laptop on my open lap and a head full of mischievous thoughts.

So I started to go back through the 4000+ images on my computer and revisit some old favorites that I had forgotten and fiddle with some others that had fallen from grace. How do you refine grace? You could text her but I instead decided that fiddling would be much more fun. You care to argue with me?

All I did was crank up the saturation and vibrancy to 100% in the Develop mode in Lightroom. That’s it. I know, pretty heavy handed but it works. Grace is a wonderful thing. The amazing thing about this technique is that it brings out all the colors hidden or subdued in your picture. The grays and beiges that we all ignore suddenly burst with all kinds of vivid colors. Who knew? Grace knew.

And as I looked at the collection of images I had produced I realized that I was happily in Whackoland without the inconvenience of drugs or alcohol.  (God knows what would’ve happened if drugs and alcohol were involved!) Check out my gallery of performance-enhanced images below- not something you will soon forget and fun to do as well. So far I haven’t purposefully shot in Whackoland but I may. Might be fun. Watch out Walt!!!