FullSizeRenderI was nosing around this morning at the farm and came upon these two gear still lifes. There are at least a dozen old barns on the farm and each one has stuff hanging on the inside walls- many have stuff hanging on the outside walls as well. The top photo is of a favorite location just inside the horse barn- a wall of tools. Notice the diversity of the stuff, from horse shoes to rakes to loppers to twine. Some to the stuff is recently put there- the roll of rope in the lower right and some hasn’t moved in 50 years- the horse shoes and harness poles.

The other photo is from the blacksmith shed. Inside is an astonishing array of what seems like useless junk but every bit is being saved for a future use and Roger knows where it all is. The shot is on the east wall by the window (notice the light creeping in on the lower left) where Roger hangs…well, stuff. Don’t you dare move any of it! He’ll know.

I bet there is someplace near where you live that has a collection of stuff that upon closer appreciation could yield some really nice images. Can be anything really- piles of old cars, stacks of ropes and nets, walls of tools, collections of buttons or ribbons or dried flowers, rooms full of chairs, a basement full of bicycles. Great heaps of stuff can be fascinating. Just takes a bit of time of looking and considering. Curious?