Well, I went underground again, camera in  hand, prowling the dimly lit cathedrals of blocky marble half a mile under Danby Mountain in my little hometown in Vermont. I am not exactly sure what I am going to do with the images but the place is intriguing and there are stories lurking, I just know it. Right now I am just exploring and giving myself time to begin to see what the possibilities might be down under. I am also giving the quarrymen time to get used to me being around with camera in hand. Both of these things are essential for any long term photographic relationship.

This time I walked down into the deepest part of the working quarry and watched the guys cutting out giant 20 ton blocks of beautiful white and gray streaked marble. Some of the shots I took were examples of the operation so I could give to the quarry manager as a thank you and some were me just playing with the creepy dim light and seeing what I would get. The others were just plain awful, trust me.

I”ll keep you posted on what ideas bubbles up in my small but perfectly formed brain. For now it is both fun and thrilling to be down there and that is good enough!