I have just finished teaching my Going Pro, Getting Seem workshop in Montana and wanted to share a handout I gave to the students. The last couple of days of the class were devoted to explaining book projects and then personally developing several for each of the students based on what projects they told me they were passionate about. It is a wonderful experience to see their excitement and growing realization that doing a book is really quite plausible if you go about it the right way.

Book Proposal – The Six P’s

1st line – Title and subtitle

1st paragraph – Premise

            The hook. What you find interesting, compelling about subject.   Succinct but well written. This is your first impression.

 2nd paragraph – Proposal

            What you propose to do in moderate detail.

 3rd paragraph – Purpose

            Explanation of the importance of topic or justification of public’s interest.

 4th paragraph – Previously Published

            The market research on your topic. What is, what has been published, how they sold. What bookstores think of topic.

 5th paragraph – Process

            Time needed, scope of project, outside support, how you are going to do it.

 6th paragraph – Personal

            Your bio highlights, pertinent experience, why you should do project.