Fall Aspens

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From the top of Mt. Holy Cross

Just finished a photo workshop in Colorado with my great friends Jeff Wendorff and Scott Rouse. The day after Scott and I and my niece Lexi climbed 14,007′ Mount of the Holy Cross- a 12 mile hike with a 5660 feet of vertical ascent. We did it in 10 hours. I’m feeling pretty happy about it all, actually, 14 months after my heart attack. Take that you Bastard!






Along the Tigiwon Road

Then the next day we went out to take a few pictures. Fall color is just about perfect here in central Colorado- the days have been blue blue blue, the winds calm and the temperatures mild. What a glorious couple of days. It is good to be outside taking pictures and climbing again. Very, very good.

At the Cross Creek trailhead






At the Cross Creek trailhead