So what is the status of the New England Fall color? Hard to say. Last week there were a couple of days when I thought the season would pass before it even started but now with a week of warm wet weather the color progression seems to have stalled. I now think that the season can officially be called “screwy.” There are some spots at higher elevations where the reds have already fallen and the yellows of the beaches have started early but over most of central Vermont (and I assume central New Hampshire) green is still the dominant color.

Here is what I am thinking if you are already in the area and looking for color and have the freedom to travel- go east. the farther east you can go I think the better the color will be. This is because eastern New England got much less rain from Irene and the subsequent storms so the color will be closer to normal. The mountains of western Maine, the Katahdin area and the mountains of the Maine coast (Acadia National Park) I am guessing will have the best color. This is just a guess, but it is an educated guess and I am sticking with it.

There are pockets of exceptional color everywhere- it will just take a bit of looking this year. The dairy farm is looking great!