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IMG_3735It has been suddenly so cold here for the past three days that all the moisture that was in the ground from our unusually warm winter has turned into beautiful frost patterns where ever there is the smallest bit of water.

I went out for a walk and found a small puddle near a spring that was wonderfully etched with frost. Once again without my camera (will I ever learn?) I used my iPhone to take a couple of pics.

Tomorrow it is going to be 45 degrees and raining so all this will be gone. Such is winter this year here in Vermont.


  1. Bob Wildman
    February 16, 2016

    For some reason the frost patterns reminded me of the salt flat in Death Valley. Crystals ill be crystals, regardless of the temperature.

    Do you get frost flowers in Vermont with the first hard freeze?

    • David
      February 18, 2016

      It has been such a manic winter that we have any number of ‘first’ freezes. Yes there were frost flowers but with my iPhone I wasn’t able to get the pic. At the farm though the frost was so thick on the inside of the windows sills that it was 3″ tall! It looked like growths of coral growing on the hay. The barn isn’t so bad when it is really cold, the catch is that Roger can’t milk cows with gloves on so his hands get cold. When the wind is howling and its below zero and the rest of the world is buried under thick layers of covers Roger casually refers to the weather as ‘some fresh.’ Everyone is cold but so what? You still have chores to do so you just do them. Roger had two pairs of pants on, three pairs of socks and more old shirts than I could count. All of which I am sure weren’t actually his size. It’s not always this cold but it is always that entertaining.