I was going to continue with my weather/photography related posts hitting bright sun, heavy overcast, etc. but even I got bored with the thought of reading them. So I’ll get right to the point. Rather than deciding what you want to photograph and hoping the weather will cooperate instead see what the weather will allow and then photograph that.

This is a very important secret to getting great images- rather than fighting the weather, work with it. What this way of thinking does is it allows you to always photograph under the best conditions.

The catch is that almost everyone decides what he or she wants to photograph before they even get out of the house or car! Then it is a struggle to try to tame the often unfavorable weather conditions to get a picture that will ultimately be disappointing. I am asked about this all the time- “How slow does the wind need to be blowing in order to photograph flowers?” or “How much contrast is too much to photograph in a forest?”

The answer always is the same- “Don’t photograph flowers in the wind or forests in the sun or beaches with overcast skies or water on gray days….etc, etc, etc.” I know your heart may be set  but your camera shouldn’t be.

On sunny days photograph water, waves, beaches, reflections and big calendar-type landscapes. On cloudy days shoot portraits, macro, the forest, gardens, winter, anything without the white sky. On windy days photograph streams, boats, trains, anything moving. On rainy days photograph macro, people, interiors, details, old cars. The list can go on and on, it’s just a matter of adjusting your thinking.

You already adjust your camera, try a little on your brain too! Your pictures will thank you.