‘Going to Hell in a handbasket’ Where did that come from and if you think about it, literally, what the heck does it mean? I know that the phrase means to deteriorate rapidly, to go to Hell but why would you go in a hand basket? The phrase seems to have arisen in the Civi War era in America but why would a hand basket be a rapid way to go to Hell? Surely, there were faster ways to get places 150 years ago then in a hand basket. How about a horse, for instance? ‘To Hell on a horse’ that works for me and it’s got to be quicker than going in any kind of a basket.

Curiously, ‘Going to Heaven in a wheel barrow’ is a phrase  with the same meaning euphemistically. Again, a wheel barrow? So going to Heaven slowly and laboriously is the same as going to Hell. Huh. I have always figured that slowly and with difficulty is the only I am going to get to Heaven. Now, apparently, this route will take me straight to Hell.

Speaking of which, going straight to Hell is where all those officious, holier-than-thou, idiotic photographic reviewers on Amazon are headed. Didn’t see that coming did you? I could do an entire posting on the bad technique (let alone the bad grammar) inherent in their reviews. But I won’t. You’re welcome.

But I will say that not getting sharp pics when you are zoomed out to 60x is not the fault of the camera, your fuzzy macro pics that you are hand holding? Not the lenses fault. Some noise when shooting at ISO 2000 on a chip the size of a beetle’s back- here’s an idea- don’t shoot at such high ISOs! And comparing a $300 camera or  lens to a $2000 camera and lens and being upset that they are not comparable- please grab the nearest hand basket and push!

There, I feel much better now. Don’t you?