Maine Workshop Review

Posted by on Oct 24, 2013 in Articles | 2 Comments
Bass Harbor gear

Bass Harbor gear

I have just returned from another wonderful workshop on the Maine coast and Acadia National Park. The weather was pretty good other than one early morning of rain that we turned into a tasty breakfast for the class at Jordan’s in Bar Harbor. The biggest potential problem was the idiotic government shut down that the children of our congress finally ended. If the national park had remained closed the workshop would’ve been a wee bit more challenging with longer trips to locations but as it happened we only altered our routine for half a day, waiting for the park to fully open.

As a result of the shut down Brenda and I were forced to find some new locations to take our participants and we found two really nice places- a beautiful marsh and a very nice wooded trail leading down to an old beaver pond ringed in bright red maples. These two locations will now be part of our standard locations. We could easily do a week long workshop on the coast now with all the many and varied locations we have.

Here are a selection of images that were taken by the participants- I don’t have their names on the images so credit goes to all in the workshop.



  1. Bob Wildman
    October 24, 2013

    I share your thoughts about the shutdown. Mike and I managed to get kicked out of Yellowstone on the 2nd of 5 days we were to be there. We took what we could and had a great day shooting in Idaho on our way back to Jackson Hole. What we saw in Idaho reminded me of photos of the Palouse. Shooting near Grand Teton was productive. What an inept and self-serving bunch of legislators!

  2. Anne Hickey
    October 25, 2013

    Thanks David for a great workshop!