All is not lost when the colorful autumn leaves fall to the ground- there is still much to photograph. One of my favorite things to photograph in late fall  is milkweed. The exploding seed pods are endless fascinating and encourage lots of playful photography. 

Pick some pods that are full of the delicate seeds so you can try lots of different compositions. Be ware of the background- choose pods that are well separated from the background so it will go out of focus in your picture. As to where to focus the choice is yours. You won’t be able to get all of the pods and white seeds in focus. I usually make sure the dark ends of the sees are in focus and then hope for best with the rest. 


If you can get a good hard frost then the milkweeds are especially attractive. You’ll have to work quickly though- as soon as the sun hits them the frost will be gone before you know it. Enjoy!