_DSC3374In case you have been wondering why I have been relatively quiet these past few months (or in case you’ve been thankful!) the time has come for the unofficial official announcement of the new workshop concept I have been working along with my two great photo friends, Ruth Connor and Brenda Berry. Most of you know Brenda (and if you don’t you should) but most of don’t know Ruth- she is a microbiologist at the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, an avid photographer and a career detail person. Exactly, what a this big picture guy needs.

What we have done is form a new workshop company- Ruth is the Director/owner, Brenda and I are co-conspirators- called Crossroads Workshops. The tagline is: Where philanthropy and photography meet. The idea is to conduct photography workshops in conjunction with carefully chosen non-profit organizations that will both teach photography and help the non-profit.

Here are the brief details- The workshops will be conducted as a professional on-assignment photo shoot. We will develop a list of images the non-profit needs and then as a workshop go out and get them with lots of instruction along the way. In the end, the workshop will donate, with no strings attached, a portfolio of images to the charitable group. Crossroads is about teaching photographers the benefits of shooting purposefully and the joys contributing to the greater good.

Crossroads Workshops is partnering with the Santa Fe Workshops, the best workshop provider in the country by far. Santa Fe will handle the registration and administration duties while Crossroads will run the workshops and develop new ones. We are very excited about the partnership and very honored to be part of the Santa Fe Workshops.

We will have three Crossroads Workshops scheduled for 2015- our premiere workshop will be in Santa Fe, NM in mid March, then in early June we will do one in Vermont and finally in early August we will wrap up the year with a workshop in Sitka, Alaska.

The official official Crossroad Workshop announcement will be in September when the Crossroads website will debut. The Sante Fe Workshops Spring catalog will include Crossroads classes. There are lots more details to share and already lots of interest among our alumni so things are beginning to fire up. We hope you are excited about Crossroads as we are.