_DSC2085I am off to Kenya tomorrow on a trip to support a friend’s non-profit organization, I-KODI. I will be taking the photos they need to more effectively tell their story and to energize their donors. I will also be following up on the Luci Lights I sent to I-KODI last year to see they are being used, how they are holding up and what effect they are having.

In addition to all this I am bringing 40 Luci Lights to give out while I am there. This will allow me to immediately follow-up to see the effect of the lights. I have never had the chance to do this kind of follow up work so I am very excited to see if my high expectations are actually true or just a wonderful fantasy.

I will try to do daily trip up dates while on the road to the All About the Light Facebook page. And of course I will give a full report here upon my return.