Oregon Coast Workshop in July

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It is time to put your name into the hat and sign up for my Oregon Coast Workshop I am doing with Brenda Berry through the Santa Fe Workshops. I shouldn’t really have to tell you how great it is to photograph on the Oregon Coast but just in case you have been living under a rock and don’t know about the charms of the Oregon Coast here are a few- several very picturesque lighthouses, a really neat working harbor with lots of old fishing boats and piles and piles of wonderful gear, miles and miles of beaches, sunsets every night (at least the chance of sunsets) over the Pacific and a really nice beach full of wonderful tide pools.

As an extra special addition to the workshop we go to the famous Oregon Coast Aquarium to photograph puffins and sea otters and all their great sea creatures. We get to go in a hour early so we are photographing there before any of the crowds show up.

This is probably my 20th year of doing an Oregon Coast Workshop. I used to live in Oregon and went to the coast all the time. And for those of you who don’t know Brenda, well…you are in for a treat! Not only is she a great photographer but she is very fun and a very patient teacher. Brenda is basically all the wonderful things I used to be…the new and improved version of me!

Contact the Santa Fe Workshops www.santafeworkshops.com for all the information and to sign up for this workshop. One of my all time favorite places to photograph will become on of yours as well- promise!

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  1. Rod Barbee
    June 4, 2014

    Seriously, anybody reading this should drop what they’re doing and sign up for this workshop. Now!
    I’ve co-led this trip several times with David and can attest that it’s one of THE BEST places to photograph. And you’ll be learning from the best. And David is no slouch either.
    Plus he knows where the good wine stores are. (be sure to visit the Flying Dutchman winery tasting room at Devil’s Punchbowl State Park too — there’s ice cream next door to it!)

    • David
      June 9, 2014

      Hi Rod,
      As you know there are few better places to photograph than the coast of Oregon!