Pacific Rim Workshop gallery

Posted by on May 25, 2011 in Articles | 3 Comments

Here are some more images form the Pacific Rim Workshop that Brenda Berry and I just finished. Looking back I think that this location may be the best workshop location that I have ever had a chance to enjoy and share with people.

It was a great workshop, I love going to Tofino and exploring the Pacific Rim Park. I love the long beaches, the giant old forests, the magnificent tide pools, the chocolate chip cookies at Breakers, the bear cruise through the back inlets, the chicken and bean burritos at Sobo, the skate park, the surfers at sunset, prayer flags on driftwood, winter wrens behind 1500 year old red cedars, bald eagles as common as crows, the working harbors, boat reflections and…did I mention the chocolate chip cookies at Breakers?


  1. Ike
    May 26, 2011

    Thanks for sharing the Tofino ’11 pictures and letting me relive that experience.

    Tel me about the bear peering thru the shrubs — distance, lens, etc.

    Expect the Lobstering book to be out on time.


    • David
      June 6, 2011

      Hi Ike,
      The black bear looking through the shrubs was taken by Hanna as she was driving the main highway during a break in the workshop. It was just happenstance but she was out there looking when no one else was so she wins. This is what I know- the bear was along the roadside and Hanna was on the other side of the road. I don’t think she had a lens longer than a 300mm.

      Oh, and the Lobstering Life book is now available!

  2. Murray Robertson
    June 3, 2011

    I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to revisit and reconnect with a part of Canada I had forgotten was so beautiful and peaceful. I also feel finally that my photographic skills have taken a step(baby) forward. David, Brenda, Frank are to be commended on their instructional skills and highly personable interaction with us. I also sincerely thank my fellow students (even Jonathan!) for sharing their images and knowledge which has helped me a great deal. Hoped to meet some or all of you again