DavidMiddleton_slide6-720x220Speaking of cold…have you ever tried to photograph cold? Not photograph in the cold, we have all done that more or less successfully. What I mean is photographing the concept ‘cold.’ Take a picture that captures the concept cold. I have tried for 10 years or more and have yet to really get a good one. A winter shot is not a cold shot. I want a picture that makes you shiver.

Photographing a concept is not an easy thing to do. I struggled a lot with trying to photograph the concept ‘big’ when I was doing my book on the old-growth forests of the Northwest. I eventually figured ‘big’ out (photograph a normal-sized tree in front of a looming big tree) and I have figured out ‘wild,’ ‘Vermont,’ and each of the seasons but I haven’t gotten a great shot of ‘cold’ yet. An icicle doesn’t work, neither does ice on a pond or puddle. Someone shivering might work but I haven’t come across that. So I’m still looking.

Tomorrow it is going to be really, really cold,  or ‘some fresh’ as we say on the farm. I’m going to see what I can come up with. Wish me luck! ) (and warmth!)