_DSC0028I have been out shooting with my new little camera, the NIkon 1 J3) and so far I like it! There are a few oddities- no histogram, ISO is buried in the menu, finding a 40.5mm circular polarizer, finding a case that will work- and a few things I need to get used to- no viewfinder, shooting with live view, tiny controls- but overall it is a camera that is easy to use and it takes very very nice images.

I particularly like the 16-35mm ( 35mm equivalent) lens- such a wide lens for such a tiny camera. It is almost like the perspective of a GoPro camera- tiny and wide and able to go places you would never put a full sized camera.


_DSC0036This morning at the farm I reached between a cow’s legs and snapped off a few very odd but strangely compelling pictures. Tomorrow I am going to try this when Roger is milking. Four cow feet, Roger, one milker and one straining udder- seems like a perfectly reasonably situation for photography!








The photos of the crabapple and lilac blossoms were taken in my yard, handheld and before I had read any of the instructions. I was holding the camera above me head to see how that would work.



_DSC0043The stream is Big Branch and is about 3 miles from my house. I got there just as a thunderstorm was starting so I went to the closest place and took a shot I have taken several times before. I used a tripod and the 16mm lens with a polarizer. I plan to go back there tomorrow without the benefit of thunder and lightning.

I’ll keep you posted but so far so good!