Farmer's Market

Farmer’s Market

When in France

I’m on the road again, or more correctly, on a canal in France mostly tolerating the rich food, spectacular wine and ample leisure time. Can’t be in a rush when you are going 4 miles per hour.

This morning I visited the weekly market- half farmer’s, half commercial- in Savarne getting there early to take advantage of uncrowded stalls and the even light of dawn.  With a clear sky I knew it would shortly be too bright and contrasty for photography. My strategy when photographing public spaces like a farmer’s market is to look for pretty light first then interesting subjects. I suppose I could look for interesting subjects first and then see if they are in nice light but my brain has been trained to look for good light so I start there.

In the raising dawn the first thing my eye was attracted to the warm light coming from a butcher’s truck so I walked up, stuck my head inside, pointed to my camera and said questioningly “photo?” The woman inside smiled, nodded, muttered something in French (probably something like “oh brother!”) and posed for me. I took that shot and then I just stood in the doorway and motioned to her to continue doing what she was doing. I was hoping to be so uninteresting that she would ignore me and I could get some more ‘real life’ images. In a minute or two several costumers showed up and she forgot about me and I was able to get the pictures I wanted. I also got several from the customers perspective looking into the truck.

I got a couple more people doing their thing by just standing around and becoming invisible in my dullness. This may seem like an odd approach to people photography but I have found that as soon as someone begins to ignore you, you are able to photograph freely and get more relaxed and realistic images.

Soon the sun came up and the contrast of the bright and the shadowed killed most of the photography. I then started to work the shadows and found in the colors and patterns of the vegetables a fun subject. No need being uninteresting or invisible for veggies! Just fill the frame and blast away!

Below is a gallery of my morning’s efforts. I stopped when the smell of fresh baked breads and warm quiche distracted me. I’ll check back in when the light returns and I’m able to finally push away from the table.