_DSC1166Okay, listen up, this is going to be your next photo project. You are going to compile a notebook of your favorite places to photograph in your area. Below is the form I used when I did this 15 years ago and produced the first three Photographer’s Guide series published by The Countryman Press.

This is why you are going to do this. First, it is very easy- just make a two page form using the rough template below (adapt it to your use) and then make multiple copies and have them spiral bound at your local copy shop. You now have an empty Photographer’s Guide waiting for you to fill.

Second, it is a great experience. You really get to know your local area and the project forces you to explore places you have never been before, in other words, it gets you out of your rut of going to the same places over and over again.

Third, you gain great knowledge of your area and you earn the reputation as the expert on photo locations in your area. From this expertise you can do programs, produce an e-book, write articles, etc. All good stuff.


The secret to doing this is to be as comprehensive as you can- include everything from lighthouses to festivals, sunset spots to parades, gardens to railroad trestles, nature preserves to National Parks. The broader the reach the more interest you will generate and the more expertise you can market.

This project is particularly good for camera clubs to embrace. An organized pursuit of all the great places to photograph is a wonderful group project and a great resource of the club.

Below is the form I used. I reduced most of the space between the entries to fit the form on this page- expand and customize as you wish. No get going…Spring is a-wasting!

GPS:                                                                                           DeLorme Ref:
Where?                                                                                     Noted  for:
Best time?
Nearest main road:                                                              Nearest town:
General Directions:
Facilities_______                       Phone#________________Contact Person?
Hours?____________Fee?__________ Food?_____________________Toilet?___________
Habitat description: __________________________________________________________
Target Subjects:
Other Subjects:_____________________________________________________________
Trails- length/difficulty/habitat/birds_____________________________________________
Also Nearby:
Food near?
Sleeps near?
Special equipment?
Do not miss